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Carl's Story

Before Carl started at Snydale RDA, he was really struggling at school and wasn't doing so well emotionally. He had little self-esteem, and there wasn't a day that went by where I wasn't called to school for one reason or another. The difference in Carl since attending Snydale RDA is immense.

Carl has made a real connection to the horses and instantly becomes relaxed and calmer following his lesson, even on the worst days when Carl doesn't want to go or speak to anyone he finishes each session with a smile.

Carl has autism and had tried other activities/groups, but these hadn't worked out. This was mainly due to leaders not fully understanding his needs or being able to manage them in their groups, so I was a little apprehensive of taking him to Snydale RDA at first. I didn't need to worry though, as Karen and all the wonderful volunteers at Snydale RDA are amazing they have learnt to understand Carl and know how to get the best from him.

The best bit for us as a family was getting to see Carl take part in his first competition last year, something we didn't think he would ever do. Seeing how much Carl has achieved, and how much happier, he is since attending Snydale RDA gives us hope for his future. 

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